Art direction
This project was a collaboration between myself, Vanessa Kerr, Haley Prieto, and Kathleen Moneyhon.
My roles included Instagram and Snapchat campaigns, Package design, Tasting cards and UX design.
The Client
Winc is an affordable subscription wine club based in California, offering affordable and authentic wines. They create and curate customized wines based on customer feedback. Winc offers a great bottle of wine that’s as simple as enjoying one.
Our research indicates Winc is leading the industry in both cost and accessibility. Their target audience consists of millennials as well as new wine drinkers. They may not have an extensive knowledge of wine, but they're willing to learn more about their taste palate.
Competitive Audit
Winc provides a well-rounded wine selection without the storefront that brings affordable and authentic wines for everyone looking to discover and expand their palate.  We create and curate a convenient collection of options as we believe the experience should be as fine as the wine.
Winc is the only wine club that creates and curates their own wine to match their customer’s unique taste palate based on their feedback.
Color Palette
Tagline & Type
Snap Chat
Recipe Cards
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